Monday, May 25, 2015

HANDMADE WEDDING SHAKER CARD - IINSTRUCTIONS on how to make your own Acetate and shaker Cards.

Just playing around with my supplies and thought Ive never seen a  wedding shaker card before so, thought i would give one a go and this is what i ended with.

The card has been embossed using the Big Shot, and a 5" x 7" embossing folder.
The Centre of the embossed card has been removed to make way for the shaker viewing part of the card.  A craft stanley knife was used.

Acetate can be hard to come by at times and not many places stock it.  I now make my own
Simply using a Laminating Machine and A4 laminating pouches.  I run
the pouch through the heated laminater twice and there you have it your own Acetate.

If you are wanting a thicker Acetate that will stand up for pop ups etc, its simple.
Just put a laminating pouch inside of another pouch and put through the heated laminater twice.

To make your shaker:
Simply fold your ready made Acetate in half, cut the folded acetate  to fit inside the card front, I recommend cutting it 1/4" shorter on 3 of the sides.  Place your shaker items inside of the cut down acetate and seal it on the side and bottom.  To secure the shaker card, i use red sticky, its double sided and the strongest of tapes and not likely to come unstuck.  If using glitter in your shaker card, now is the time to put it inside the acetate shaker before sealing it.

To complete the card:
Once the shaker is made, its now time to place it inside the card.  I have place red sticky on the front of the shaker on all four sides, peeled off the backing tape and placed it inside the card.
To finish off the card i have lined the inside of the card to cover the mechanics of the shaker card and to give a backing to make the shaker more prominent.
Enjoy I hope these instructions have inspired you to create your own.
Please feel free to email me if you need any help or advice at


  1. that is so cute what did you use for the bride and groom

  2. Thank you Carol, the bride and groom were cut out using silver glitter card stock and a CheeryLynn Die called wedding with the Big Shot from sizzix